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  • Energy Crops

    Energy Crop

    Sunfuel use Low input, high yielding energy crop
  • Marginal Land

    Marginal Land

    Marginal or fallow Land used to grow energy crops
  • Crop Waste

    Crop Waste

    Crop waste used to produce biomass briquettes
  • Animal Waste

    Animal Waste

    Used to produce biogas and biofertilizer
  • Spent Oil

    Spent Oil

    Used to produce biodiesel for Sunfuel's farmers

Sunfuel is a specialist CleanTech company with operations in Eastern Europe and Southern Africa

Sunfuel focuses on converting low value or waste streams into high value product

Sunfuel is an international provider of various forms of bioenergy

Sunfuel’s consultancy operation plays a significant role in enabling its corporate partners to achieve their CSR programmes



Sunfuel Bio-energy Co-operative

Sunfuel is seeking farming partners to expand the Sunfuel bio-energy co-operative.   The main task of the co-operative is to ensure that long-term supplies of raw materials or feedstocks are provided efficiently to Sunfuel Integrated Energy production facilities to generate biofuels or biopower. Using biomass as the feedstock for fuel and renewable energy production opens up new earnings potential for farmers.

Ukraine based commercial farms wishing to participate in the co-operative need to have at least 10% of their land banks as fallow.   Commercial farms interested in joining the co-operative can email us directly on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for further information on the benefits of joining.  We will provide  further information on ISIS and future Sunfuel energy crops once we receive your email.






Sunfuel Generation

Sunfuel is establishing Intergrated Energy production facilities that include oilseed crushing, Biodiesel Blending and Production, Biomass Briquettes and Pellets Production, Biogas and Biofertilizer Production facilities to handle the production of biofuels derived from Energy Crops.  The Company will increase capacity as more and more hectares are grown.  Sunfuel will both increase the capacity of its initial locations and will locate additional facilities to new locations where there is expanding producer interest.

Sunfuel Generation is able to supply medium-sized and large-scale bioenergy plants or bio-refineries, with long-term supplies of biomass guaranteed by contract.